What I’ve been reading lately

While both Geoff and I have spent a ton of time at work lately (this is my first day off in 11 days I think) I’m in the middle of a fascinating book and I’ve been emailed some really fascinating blog links.  Now it’s my turn to share them with you.

The book I’m currently reading, and that I’ve been reading sporadically for a couple of months, is Q by Luther Blissett.  It’s a hefty tome and I don’t have a lot of free time so I read it when I’m on the bus or I catch a quick chapter before bed.  It’s historical fiction about Europe during the Protestant Reformation and the Inquisition.  It’s fantastic and superbly written.  If you’re at all interested in history or church politics fascinate you, check it out.

The blogs that have been  amusing me lately have come from a couple of different sources.  Some are people or companies that were referenced in news articles I was reading and I then clicked through or tracked down their sites.  Others were emailed to me, usually by the inimitable Teri.  She always seems to find the best stuff.

If you are a geek…  click here.  Great stuff here.  SciFi, gaming, fantasy, TV, books, you name it.  Absolutely worth reading and bookmarking.

If you are literary or into art/history… click here.  Well researched, well written, and funny.  Absolutely worth a read.

If you like a good rant… click here.  Not for those with an allergy to four letter words (sorry, mom) this incredibly well written blog is about what it’s like to be on the front lines of the customer service industry in this country.  If you’ve ever eaten in a restaurant, this is required reading.  Seriously.

If you appreciate the intersection of art, computers, and nature… click here.  This is a local company born out of a love for the systems of the natural world, studies in architecture, extreme programming savvy, and an incredible design sense.  Their blog is crazy interesting.  I’ve seen their jewelry work in person and I can’t wait to see what they do at Somerville Open Studios (hint: I’ll also be involved in Somerville Open Studios, more on that soon!)

If you like your humor well written, intelligent, and with a heavy dose of misanthropy… click here.  What makes this so funny is that everything he writes about is an actual item for sale on the internet, much of it on mainstream places like Amazon.com.  He’s fond of four letter words (again, sorry, mom) but he’s hysterical and he can be vulgar and incisively funny without being sexist, a rare talent.  If you’ve ever shopped online and wondered how on earth R&D greenlit some of the stuff you’re seeing, you’ve got to bookmark this.

And there you go.  That should be enough to waste your time keep you entertained for a while.  Happy reading.


Oh, and P.S., if you haven’t read The Oatmeal lately, you should.  As a matter of fact, go do it right now.

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