We will bounce back

Now that I have had some time to sort of process the events of the past week, I think I have managed to sort it all out inside my head.  And so yesterday when a friend and parishioner asked me how I was doing and what I made of all this, I told him what I thought.

I said “This is Boston.  We’ll bounce back.  We always do.”

“Boston has endured everything from the occupation of the British army, to blizzards and hurricanes and nor’easters ,to horrific fires, to riots, to a gigantic flood of molasses, for God’s sake.  We will bounce back.” 

And we do indeed.  The proof is all around us.  And I think both Rene Rancourt and the fans at the Bruins game the other night showed it in spades.  I saw this clip and it made me so proud I thought I might cry.

Thanks, Boston.  This is why Kelly and I love you and why we can’t imagine living anywhere else.


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