It’s good to laugh to keep from crying…

and honestly, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so often and so hard at anything, much less at a subject that has hit Kelly and I personally so very, very hard.  And the economy has definitely hit Kelly and I quite hard in the past few years.

Thank you, Stephen Colbert.

Thank you for absolutely demolishing the ridiculous, nonsensical arguments that  I have heard so often about what needs to happen to turn the economy around.  And to have him take down, in absolutely hilarious fashion, two of the economists who have given (pseudo-) intellectual cover to all of the idiots who have pushed so hard for policies that have done nothing but spread suffering, really brings me not only laughter, but a huge amount of satisfaction.  In fact, it gives me a sense of hope that possibly reason and sanity will ultimately prevail no matter how many rich people rationalize the suffering of so many ordinary people (like Kelly and I) for policies that are ultimately for their own benefit.

Please, please, please watch these two clips.  They are absolutely worth it.


Austerity Spreadsheet Error

Austerity’s Spreadsheet Error – Thomas Herndon



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