Another historic mystery may soon be solved

At least, I hope so.

For some 75 years or so people have wondered what happened to Amelia Earhart.  There have been all sorts of theories about what happened to her and Fred Noonan, but many of them were based on secondhand information, old recollections. or weird conspiracy theories.  Now we have some possible archaeological evidence near the island of Nikumaroro.  Over the years there have been a variety of clues that indicated a possible landing of the aircraft near this island.  Now, these clues are circumstantial, but the cumulative effects seems to have been to encourage further development of the sites near the island.  Last year a team thought they may have found landing gear from her aircraft.  And now a recent analysis of a sonar scan  may indicate the possible location of an aircraft in the area where they have been looking for it.

It would be great if we were finally able to solve this open-ended question of history, not to mention put to rest some of the more absurd theories about what happened.


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