Office supplies, a racist casserole dish, and Teri

Last week Teri and I found ourselves in the position of needing some things for the office.  I made a shopping list and on Monday she did the ordering.  Buying office supplies is one of the things I’ve never minded about the various administrative jobs I’ve had, it’s shopping with someone else’s money.

Anyway, who was more surprised than the two of us when we discovered that one of our usual vendors, the one that happened to have the best prices this time, was having a rather odd Gift With Purchase.  A casserole dish.

A racist casserole dish.

That’s right folks, even the office supply companies can’t get rid of Paula Deen fast enough. They’re giving away her branded crockery to get rid of it.

Naturally we found this hilarious.  And naturally this inspired jokes and commentary such as, “I wonder if it only makes racist casseroles?” Granted, we have no idea what a racist casserole actually is, but a joke at Deen’s expense is totally fine with me.

As the casserole dish finally arrived today we were obliged to take some pictures.  What else is the internet for if not for photos like these?


The casserole box.  It’s blueberry color!  Wait, is that racist to Smurfs?


Teri examines her new toy.


Teri does her best Paula Deen/rabid chipmunk impression.


A closeup of the prize. Can’t imagine why an office supply company would stop carrying these, really…


Teri does her best Donna Reed/homicidal housewife smile.  I’m convinced and a little scared, you?

To top it all off, I did this.  Because I had to.  You know I did, y’all.


She may have laughed so hard she turned a couple of shades of red at that. My work is done here.

When we got to her place we did snap this photo, complete with apron.


Personally, I think the sunglasses make the shot.


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