Can someone please explain this to me?

Yeah, so I didn’t rant the other day, but this is where I get my rant on.  From an article by the AP, courtesy of

Here’s the quote, the opening lines of the article, to be specific.

LONDON (AP) — Prominent art collector Charles Saatchi said Sunday he is divorcing his celebrity chef wife Nigella Lawson because she did not publicly defend his reputation after images emerged of him grasping her throat in a posh London restaurant.

Ok, let me see if I can get this straight.

  • Angry old man married to younger woman grabs her by the throat in a public place.
  • Both of them are celebrities/public figures so there’s someone around to snap a photo and sell it to a tabloid/magazine/newspaper/website all of the above.
  • Photo gets on the internet.
  • Younger woman and her two kids from her first marriage move out.
  • Police give the man a “caution” statement.  I’m guessing that’s like a warning here in the states.
  • Angry older man files for divorce and publicly says he is doing so because SHE didn’t defend HIM against damage to his reputation.


Ok, I get it that this guy is a Grade A Blue Gibbon Award Winning Jackass and an abuser to boot.  I totally get that.  But how anyone, and I mean anyone, can write what the AP wrote with a straight face is beyond me.  How Saatchi can file the divorce papers claiming that, AND put out the press release before Nigella was served, is worse.

Saatchi is an ad guy first and foremost.  Scratch that, he’s an abuser first and an ad guy second.  But the gall to abuse his wife, then turn around and blame the divorce, which I’m sure her lawyers were quickly drafting as well, on her failure to protect his reputation, is despicable as well as laughable.

I hope he loses every client he has.  I hope his art gallery has to be sold.  And I hope he winds up in prison.  He’s a privileged bully and Nigella Lawson is lucky to be rid of him.

-rant fin-


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