Summer Jewelry Shows!

I have some shows coming up.  This weekend and next I’ll be vending at ASSEMBLED and SLAM respectively.  It should, hopefully, be a nice weekend so come on out this weekend and see me out by the Mystic River.  Next weekend I’ll be in Davis square while Artbeat is going on so there will be lots to see.

Assembled Flyer dates 2013

Clickie to embiggen the graphics.

SLAM ArtBeat-2013

I have new stuff and a bunch of new vintage things on offer.  Hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on “Summer Jewelry Shows!”

  1. Oh no! I keep trying to come to your shows, and there keeps being something in the way! Last Saturday was what my dad is now calling ‘The Sofa Incident,’ this weekend I’ve got bus tickets to New York (to watch one of my favorite radio hosts do burlesque, but still), and I leave Friday afternoon so I can’t even see Davis Square. Which sounds like fun, because tiny things are just more fun than average-sized ones.

    Admittedly, this is because of the new shiny job, but still, bummer.

    I will endeavor to see you in August, in any case.

    1. Ok, Gabi the Teaching Monkey is the best username ever. No worries on the past two shows. Davis sq was brutal weather and the next one at ASSEMBLED should be great. The last one was great fun.

      Can’t wait to hear about “The Couch Incident.”

  2. Re: TCI
    It was awful. I’ll start my epic poem of woe and destruction… but it might take years to truly convey how awful the Incident was.

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