This IS your Christmas Card

For a whole lot of very good reasons in the last few years, it’s proved impossible to get it together to send out our annual 100+ Christmas cards.  Between the time investment, which requires starting shortly after Thanksgiving, and the cost of the postage, we just haven’t been able to do it.  So, we’re going digital again this year.  Yep, this is your card.

Initially we thought we might coerce bribe the cats or the dogs into a cute Christmas scene complete with a Santa hat and a tree.  (Yes, we do own a pet sized Santa hat.)  Then we didn’t even have the time to get the tree out and put up decorations.  Any decorations.  Fighting a battle with the state will tend to do that to people.  Then we thought we might reuse an old photo from the past.  Like this one.

Remember this?
Remember this?

But most of you have seen that one before.

Then all the nonsense with Megyn Kelly and Faux News happened.  And while we were alternately rolling our eyes, laughing at the general stupidity of the Faux News-watching demographic, and at the hilarity of people like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert who just roasted her and her compatriots over the whole thing, we still didn’t have an image to use in our online Christmas card.

Until yesterday.  Someone on Gawker, yes, Gawker, did a story about how Macy’s in NYC has a black Santa.  This is not news, they’ve had at least one for years.  (Just read Holidays on Ice/The Santaland Diaries by David Sedaris.)  It was how this particular writer, who is white, found said black Santa and the way the headline was phrased that made it an eye-catching piece.

Then someone in the comments posted this.  And we knew we’d found our picture for our card.

Take a good look folks.  That is exactly who you think it is.

And then, someone else in the comments followed up with this.

Yep, mind officially blown. Is Mr. T a Republican?!?!?!?!

So there you go, Megyn & friends.  Santa is Mr. T.  Next year we’ll talk about how Jesus didn’t look like this:

And he didn’t look like Jim Caviezel, either.

Merry Christmas everyone,

Kelly & Geoff

2 thoughts on “This IS your Christmas Card”

  1. … I cannot believe that wasn’t Photoshopped.

    (Better Jim Caviezel than Generic Whitebread Man. Just sayin’.)

    Happy holidays, m’dears.

    1. Oh but it IS photoshopped. Jesus doesn’t really have blond hair and blue eyes. 😉
      Also, Jim Caviezel is Generic Whitebread Man. Born in WA, USA, blue eyes. He just had a tan for the movie.

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