The kitteh who wants to be a puppeh

One of the things we always say about my cat Scratch is that since he grew up with a dachshund, and since he spends so much time with the dogs, he wants to be a dog.  He has always wanted to go outside with the dogs whenever they go out to do their business.  And he tends to curl up with them to nap from time to time, especially when the weather is cold.

Well, it turns out he also likes to burrow into the blankets, just like the dachshunds do.   And I managed to snap a few pictures for once.

When I was gathering laundry to do a load of wash, I noticed some movement in our bed, under the covers.  I knew both dogs were upstairs, so I figured it must be one of the cats, most likely Scratch.  So I turned the light on and peeked under the comforter.  Yep, it was Scratch.  And so I covered him back up.  But he soon came out anyway.

Sleepy kitteh slowly comes out from under the blankets.
Scratch sticks his head out to see who disturbed him.
*yawn* “why did you wake me up, daddy?”
Guess it’s time to wake up now.
Heading upstairs for dinner.
Heading upstairs for dinner.

As long as he doesn’t start digging up the yard or barking or something.


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