Winter is coming (back)

It looks like today will be the last “balmy” day for a while, insofar as the temperature was well above freezing most of the day.  Starting tonight temperatures will begin to drop, and they are predicted to not go above freezing for a good while – possibly as long as two weeks.  And we will probably get more snow too, starting tomorrow night.  So enjoy today, Boston, but prepare to be cooped up inside for a while.  You aren’t going to want to spend a lot of time outside after today.  So go grab some DVDs from the library or Netflix or whatever and catch up on your favorite show or shows.  You might have some free time in the near future.   Or if you are like me, grab a stack of books.  It will be a good time to curl up with that monster George R.R. Martin book with a cup of something hot to drink and some small furry companions at your side.


3 thoughts on “Winter is coming (back)”

    1. I’m thinking I would re-read A Storm of Swords at least one more time before Season 4 premiers in April. And if I am stuck indoors for a while I will probably do some cooking from the AFOIAF cookbook to go with my reading. Maybe some hippocras too. Roose Bolton hasn’t totally ruined that for me yet.

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