Recent news roundup- Political cartoon edition

These are mostly what has been popping up on my Google+ feed lately.  Some of them are doozies.  Enjoy.

The Chris Christie Corner

I am completely OK with this highway being closed.
AKA the Truth Meme

The Neocon War on Women Edition

The most shocking part about this cartoon is the idea that this guy actually has a brain.
Yep, can’t have us females with any liberties. Too scary.
For the GOP, being Female is a pre-existing condition.

Income Inequality, or, Why the Rich are Afraid

Not a cartoon, I just don’t want to play Monopoly anymore.
This one is wrong. The house would be bigger and the little white guy would be fatter.
Pretty much the only thing missing from this one is Donald Trump.

Too Good Not to Share

Yep, not a cartoon. Unless you count the guy in it.


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