Being a Stubborn Dachshund has Consequences

Yesterday Rerun had his second bout in a little over a week of vomiting and listlessness.  Last night was the worse of the two episodes and it was clear by bedtime that he wasn’t a happy dog.  He didn’t want to eat anything and he was clearly uncomfortable.  He woke us about every hour through the night heaving, vomiting, or whining.  We were encouraging him to vomit because there was clearly something bothering him that he needed OUT.

Geoff took him to the vet today.  After fluids and an x-ray it’s looking like he has an obstruction.  I’m at work and I’ve been communicating by text, so I’m not clear on the details, but Rerun is being transferred to Angell Memorial Animal Hospital for 24 hour monitoring, more fluids, and, if necessary, more specific care.

We’re worried.  Geoff is really, really worried.

If you have a moment to spare, please send him good puppy thoughts.  He’s a stubborn pain who eats, rather than pulls, the stuffing out of dog toys, growls when he wants to tell you he likes you, and has to take Puppy Prozac to deal with his anxiety, but he’s our dog and we love him, warts and all.



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