Yeah… about that “winter is over” bit

A little while back I had commented about how we were experiencing winter’s “last hurrah”.

Oh, man was I wrong.

Now, today I wore shorts, because aside from being very windy it was just gorgeous outside, getting easily to the mid-50s or maybe a little higher.  But this spring weather is fleeting, at least for a little while longer here in Greater Boston.  There’s a reason that they tell people in our USDA Zone (we are in 6b, if you want to get really technical) to not plant until late April or so.  That’s when it’s safe to assume we have had our last frost.  Definitely not March.  Temperatures later this week are going to fall into the 20s and even the 10s at night.

Right now a couple of the weather modelers are predicting a heavy amount of snow for us this week starting Tuesday.  According to both of the widely-used weather models, it looks like we may get enough snow to be difficult.  Definitely going to have to shovel if this is right.

So yeah, snow.  Maybe a good bit, too.  We’ll see.  But spring-like weather will not return until Friday.  So a few more weeks until garden centers start putting out herbs and such.  And that is what I am looking forward to this spring, doing some gardening again, even if it is just some herbs in pots.



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