Send some love to Keytar Bear

If you live in the Boston area, odds are at some point you have seen Keytar Bear performing in or near an MBTA station.  He’s one of those quirky things about Boston that I love so much.

But he will not be performing for a while, to the loss of all commuters.

Why?  Because apparently he has some sort of stalker who has already assaulted him twice.  Even broke his nose.  Are you kidding?!?  What kind of anti-Boston jackass punches Keytar Bear?!?  What’s next, beating up Blades the Bruin?  Kicking Wally down a flight of stairs*?

I don’t use Facebook personally, but there is a We Love Keytar Bear page on Facebook if you want to send the big guy some love.  [Hat tip to Michael Marotta over at Vanyaland for that link – Geoff] Also also wik, there is a fundraiser here in our beloved Cambridge at Workbar on May 8 according to Adam over at the Universal Hub.  Go if you can.

Get well soon, Keytar Bear.  We miss you.  Boston misses you.


* I actually got to “escort” Wally on one of his trips to Cambridge a couple of years ago, and that is still one of my most favorite details I have ever worked.  Wish I had been there to protect Keytar Bear.


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