Our home server has had some issues

Years ago, I decided to build my own server.  Part of it was wanting to have the experience of building and running my own server, because I had shockingly little server experience of any kind.  Part of it was knowing how such a machine could help me manage the home network I was also building.  So in 2010 our home server came into existence.

And then two weeks ago, it went out of existence.

Now, when I built the server, I did make an attempt to prevent some of the most common problems.  First, I gave it some redundancy in regards to hard drives.  Everything was backed up in at least one place and some parts were backed up in two places.  And the server had its very own UPS  – not the package delivery people, the battery backupA good one from APC.

But when the server broke, it broke in a way that I had not even anticipated, with my normal high level of preparedness.

Luckily, I am in the process of selling some old gear to a friend, who has already started paying for it even though he has not taken possession of it yet.  He’s a good man and a good friend.  And his fortuitous purchase has meant that suddenly I had cash to go buy some replacement components for the server, to rebuild it in a way that would hopefully be better than before.  It got a new motherboard (the failed component), which required me to get new memory although I was able to salvage the processor.  I also got some new (and cheap) hard drives to continue the redundancy, and the best part was changing to a 64 bit operating system.  So our home server 2.0 is actually better than before, and promises to be much more powerful and flexible than the old one.  And that has largely proved true, except for one small thing:

Moving all our old data from a 32 bit operating system to a 64 bit one has proved to be a major pain.  A huge inconvenience, in fact.  I wish that someone had figured out a better way to do this already.  I have googled many questions and gotten few solutions.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled with how much better Server 2.o is performing, but I have not yet been able to transfer all the old data from the old hard drives to the new hard drives.  Much is left to do.  But at least I have more than one copy of that data.


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