Live, Work, or Play in Somerville? Wanna be on TV?

Somerville, formerly known as “Slummerville” has the most artists per-capita of any city in the US second only to NYC.  That’s not bad considering Somerville is a suburb of Boston (though functionally it is as much a part of Boston as Cambridge.)

If you’re a resident of Somerville, if you work in the ‘ville, or if you make art, play in a band there, or spend a lot of time doing Somerville related things, this post is for you.  (If not, you should read it anyway, it’s about communities and people working together.)

Somerville has some great community organizations like Somerville Local First, the Somerville Arts Council, and neighborhood specific things like Union Square Main Streets.  Somerville, like Cambridge, also has a vibrant and busy Community Access TV station.  SCATV (the V on the end is important) is for locals by locals and it’s a great resource just like the sister community station in Cambridge.

One of the newest shows on SCATV is The Somerville Line, a show hosted by a friend.  This show is dedicated to showing off the talent, local happenings, and all the interesting people that make Somerville the unique place it is.

That’s where YOU come in.

If you have an event coming up, a band or other music group that rehearses in or calls Somerville home, or an art or craft that is interesting or unusual, you should be on The Somerville Line.  This is a variety show – think Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show, Late Night, or Craig Ferguson.  The show has had one airing so far and it will be bi-weekly, but the host is dynamic and a lot of fun and there’s a great production team working on this.  All volunteer, I might add.

Be a part of the Somerville community, watch, tell your friends to watch, and maybe be on The Somerville Line.

Here are details from the host:

The Somerville Line brings you interviews, events, news, and stories of the people in our community. You’ll hear stories of business, art, dancing, music, and random acts of fun around Somerville and possibly the Greater Boston Area. We will be doing bi-weekly live episodes starting Aug. 4.

We are looking for interesting guests, so let us know what you have going on!

Watch our first show that we shot live on July 1:

You can email the show’s host, Alvin Benjamin Carter III, at


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