So much going on this past week. Oh, and Happy Halloween!

Perhaps, now that things are finally starting to calm down somewhat (and I am getting some sleep), I can get back to posting regularly on here.  It has been an eventful week.

First, a hearty congratulations to my nephew Will, who earned his Eagle Scout rank this week.  He worked hard for it, and deserves a lot of credit for being a pretty disciplined young man.  He was also fortunate to get a lot of support from friends and family, especially his mom (my sister Liz) and his dad (my brother-in-law Dan).   He’ll be off for college next year.  Eeek, I am old.

Also, a sad farewell to a man who came to represent the city we love in so many ways.  I read once that Tom Menino had said that if he had never been a politician, he probably would have been a social worker.  Certainly he went out of his way to act on behalf of the people of Boston whenever he could.   Mayor Menino always struck me as being a pretty approachable guy, someone who worked hard to reach out to ordinary citizens and listen to their concerns.  I can’t say he always did everything right, but I do know that on a great many issues he took a stand in a way that made me very proud to be from Boston.

And last weekend was the 70th anniversary of the gigantic Battle of Leyte Gulf.  I have talked about that battle before here on the blog.  Kelly and I both had family members in that battle, long ago and far across the Pacific.   I hope to eventually write more about that sort of thing, and not just here on the blog.

Halloween is tonight (duh) and hopefully it will be a fun and safe evening for all.  And as I typically do, I will be out on a detail doing my best to keep it that way.

Stay safe everyone, and Happy Halloween!


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