Requiem for a Bookstore

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that independent bookstores are a bit hard to come by these days.  We’re lucky here in the People’s Republic, because we still have a lot of them.  But on Friday one of them went the way of the Dodo and the world is a little less fun for it.  So long, Lorem Ipsum.

Lorem Ipsum had been in business for 10 years.  It was a quirky store selling used books, art, zines, and the occasional egg*.  You could go in and peruse, read a bit, sit on a sofa, relax, and find that awesome out of print something that you didn’t know you needed.  The staff were always nice, funny, young, and too smart for their own good.

On rainy days you got %15 off, just because it was bad weather.  Bad weather was good for reading.  And, in both locations in Inman Square there was the old suitcase television that said READ INSTEAD on it.  That was one of my favorite things.

There it is, thank you, internet.

To the good folks at Lorem Ipsum, some of whom I got to see on Friday for the last time as they packed up, thanks.  And sorry for the time Rerun peed on your floor.


*The egg vending machine at the front door.  ICYMI: It had plastic Easter eggs inside and people would put little things in the eggs  and drop them inside.  For a quarter you would get a surprise: a haiku written by a stranger, a funny eraser, a thimble, or something similar.  Then it was your turn to put something in the egg and drop it back in.

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