Another Season Five trailer and the hidden treasures within

Oh, man.  I saw this most recent Season Five trailer and I am getting excited.

There is so much potential awesomeness that is hinted at in little bits and pieces throughout the clips.  So let’s take a look, shall we?

Here’s a quick summary of a few of the interesting highlights I spotted right away:

  • Cersei Lannister, still looking all Queen Regent-ish.  And King Tommen doing some stuff, including confronting the followers of the High Sparrow, it would seem.  And Maergery Tyrell looking like she is having some scary thoughts about something.
  • Brienne and Pod, somewhere with a lot of snow, and then later on we see Brienne saving Pod from a mounted rider.
  • Sansa and Arya Stark, with Arya looking like she is in the House of Black and White and (interestingly, at least to me) Sansa looking like she is in the Winterfell crypts.
  • Jon Snow and the Nights Watch at Hardhome, as I discussed earlier, but with some additional shots that seem to show Tormund Giantsbane fighting another wildling.  So perhaps some of the wildlings are already joining the Nights Watch?
  • King Stannis and Melisandre in the North, and it looks like they are going to burn someone in offering to the Red God. Not sure who, but near the end of the trailer we see Queen Selyse on the ground, looking quite unhappy.
  • The High Sparrow and his followers seem to be instituting some sort of Prohibition in King’s Landing, judging by all the barrel smashing and whatnot.  Heavens to R’hllor, what is the world coming to indeed?
  • Ser Jaime and Ser Bronn do indeed looks as if they are heading to Dorne, and maybe even doing some fighting.
  • Daenerys Targaryen seems to.. umm.. have her hands full, in more ways than one.  We see her in bed with Daario, for one thing.  We see her Unsullied doing a lot of fighting, against what I can only assume are the Sons of the Harpy.  And we see the Harpy statue itself toppled to the ground.  And we see a fleeting glimpse of her interpreter Missandei kissing Grey Worm, which makes me very happy.
  • Tyrion Lannister gets to see what I can only assume is the Long Bridge of Volantis, and it is hinted that he sees something in the sky that makes him look in wonder and surprise.  Golly, what could it be?
  • Drogon, or at least a Big Freaking Dragon, much bigger than any of the ones we have seen so far, being approached by Dany before it flies off over the city, presumably to do whatever it wants because honestly, who is going to stop a dragon this big?

So, obviously a few things that we had sort of hoped for and such, but a few other things that we simply don’t know about because parts of the story have deviated so much from the books.  Personally, the stuff I got most excited about was seeing King Stannis looking at the maps with all the markers for Bolton forces, because I have been waiting for that fight ever since I first read Book Five.  And we hear the voice over of Lord Roose Bolton himself, cementing the idea of a fight between the two forces in the North.  Sweeeeeeeet.

We also saw, if I am looking at this correctly, a quick glance of a scene with people arriving at Winterfell on horseback accompanied by knights from the Vale.  I can only guess that this is Peter Baelish and/or Sansa.  Are they meeting with Lord Bolton?  His scumbag son Ramsey?  Can’t tell yet.  But that is also interesting, as it is not something we have seen in the books (at least yet) either.

So perhaps more on this later once I have had time to reflect and read other people’s thoughts and comments.


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