Follow-up on our Lightbringer theory

Now that Season Five is over, time for some more speculation about Season Six.

I am quite excited about some of the hints that have been dropped about the way Season Six will go, based on the casting calls.  And our earlier speculation about the identity of Lightbringer may well be tested.

It appears that like Season Five’s flashback to Cersei’s childhood and Maggie’s prophecy, Season Six is also going to have a big flashback, and possibly more than one.  For one thing, others beside myself have noticed that one character they are casting appears to be none other than Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning.  And since Ser Arthur Dayne died during Robert’s Rebellion, this means that there has to be a flashback to show him.  This almost certainly means that the flashback will in fact show the events of the Tower of Joy, where Ser Arthur and two of his Kingsguard brothers perished.

I cannot emphasize enough how significant this could be.  If I am correct, it means that we will almost certainly see Sean Bean again, playing a younger version of Ned Stark.  It means that we will finally see Howland Reed.  It means we will also finally see Lyanna Stark.  And perhaps we will get a clearer picture of what happened there at the Tower of Joy.

It also would mean that we will see Dawn, the legendary sword carried by the Sword of the Morning.  I imagine that if my theory about it is correct, this will serve as an introduction to the sword for those who only watch the show.  And since GRRM has himself hinted that the sword is at Starfall (the Dayne family castle) waiting for a new bearer, the likelihood that we will see this new bearer at some point is high.  Otherwise, why build up the importance of this sword at all?

Just guessing, obviously, but I think it’s a good guess.


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