And I almost put away all the winter stuff, too

The weather recently has been a lot warmer, for the most part.  It feels like spring is already here.  I have been able to wear shorts a few times.  Already we are seeing blooms all over.

Just this past weekend, I was thinking about how I should probably go ahead and put away all of my snow shovels, ice melter, windshield scrapers, and other winter paraphernalia.  I was also thinking about how I did not use the snowblower once this winter, after using it so much last winter.

Well.  I should have realized that the weather in New England always has the last laugh, especially when it comes to winter.

While weather forecasts can change dramatically in the space of a few days, it is at least notable that already a significant winter storm is being forecast for this next Sunday and Monday.  I was hoping to go visit my Aunt Donna on Sunday.  It might still be possible, but considering that some of the early predictions show the storm getting nasty all along my drive from Cambridge, I had probably better go earlier rather than later.

And of course, I will keep watching the forecasts to see what happens as we get closer to Sunday.


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