What we’re reading now – March 2016 edition

I got home from work last night, bundled myself into my Dash-don’t-you-dare-lick-me outfit, and spent some time playing Shaws Monopoly and reading stuff and things on the intertubes.  Some of them were awesome, some were thought provoking, others were troll/bless your heart you stupid little millennial magnets, and some actually made me want to comment.  Here they are for your reading pleasure.

The Bitchy Waiter

If you’re not reading The Bitchy Waiter then I can’t really help you.  You should be.  He’s fantastic, he has a book coming out, and much like The Bloggess, he’s someone who’s becoming famous because of his blog and his stalwart fans.  Last night I came upon his post about Amy Schumer, someone Geoff and I also adore, leaving a $1,000 tip on a $77 tab.  Click here to read all about it and see the video.  Click here to pre-order his book.

Geoff and I always try to tip at least 20% but someday I hope we have enough money we can make someone’s night by doing something like this.

The Boston Globe

Yesterday the Globe did an online article (and possible in print, I don’t know) about how BPS is considering ending February Vacation week.  Click here for the article.  I cannot even tell you how gleeful it makes me that this is a consideration.  Geoff and I both grew up in places that didn’t have this ridiculous practice.  Here in New England it is treated with a practically religious reverence.


It makes the school year run later into June, it makes it nearly impossible to finish on time when there are a lot of snow days like there were last year.  With the school year also starting after Labor Day, something else Geoff and I didn’t have to worry about, it means that the school calendar is a functional relic of the 19th century.  I may have written about this before in this space.  Kill it.  Kill it dead.

Universal Hub

As it happens, the Universal Hub ran an article on the same thing yesterday along with an interesting comment section.  Read this comment section, not the one at the Globe or, ever, on Boston.com.  Just don’t.  Unless you’re a masochist.  Then, by all means.

The Universal Hub link is here.  The most interesting part, to me anyway, is the purported high school student who shows up whining about how hard high school is and how many of his/her friends have ended up in asylums because of the workload.  I completely agree that kids in our public schools don’t get the mental health and community support they need, but s/he goes WAY over the top with the millennial special snowflake whining.

Next up on UHub was an article about a truly special stupid criminal.  This one squicked me out something fierce.  Geoff was unaffected because, well, he’s Geoff.  Here’s the, er, money quote.

A federal jury on Friday convicted Shayne Parker, 41, of interstate transportation of firearms and being a felon in possession of 50 rounds of ammunition, the US Attorney’s office reports.

Parker would use drugs – which he carried in plastic bags under his scrotum – to pay addicts to go into gun stores in New Hampshire in 2014 to buy guns, which he and an accomplice would then transport to Boston, prosecutors say.

Emphasis mine.  All mine.  The comments are also worth reading on that one.  Ahem.

And finally, Scalzi

Regular readers here may know that Geoff and I are big Scalzi fans.  I may have also gotten my brother hooked.  Sorry, not sorry there, Matt.  We also follow Scalzi’s blog, Whatever.  This is another blog that you should be reading.  If you’re not, start now.

For the last couple days Scalzi has been posting answers to reader questions.  Yesterday he posted an answer to the following question:

Autonomous cars, do they change how you will work in 10 years?

His answer is, per usual, funny and absolutely worth a read in its entirety here.  My favorite part of the answer is:

7. Nap while the car drives to my destination? Don’t mind if I do!

But even so: self-driving cars where is mine I want mine now now now now. It’s fair to say I want a self-driving car more than I want, like, colonies on the moon. Colonies on the moon are nice, but a self-driving car is going to be great for my life now.

As I can’t drive because of my epilepsy, the concept of a self driving car is awesome.  Being able to get into a car that would take me someplace without Geoff having to be there to drive it would be fantastic.  Sign me up.  Where can I get one?

And that’s it for last night’s browsing on the internets.  We looked at other things, but those are what made the grade for interesting and fun.  And mocking millennials.  Share you favorite reads in the comments.




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