Some GoT/ASOIAF theories on the other Targaryens

So an obvious question being asked by fans of GoT/ASOIAF is this: since the sigil of the Targaryens is a dragon with three heads, and since Daenarys Targaryen has three dragons, who are those other two heads?  In other words, who will be riding the other two dragons?  She’s the last known Targaryen, after all, especially after the deaths of her brother Viserys and her great, great uncle, Maester Aemon.

Truthfully, most people already have a pretty good idea whose those two people will be.  I feel something like 90 to 95% certain that I know who they are.  So let’s talk about how, at least in terms of the TV show, we will discover that these two individuals are in fact the other two Targaryens.

So here’s some videos that have been making the rounds.  I don’t know who the guy is who made these videos but I think he did an excellent job.  I will go ahead and say that I do NOT agree with everything he says, but watch them and then I’ll talk about what I think is actually going to happen.  First, the one about Jon Snow.

I agree (as do a hell of a lot of other fans) that Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.  His analysis of Jon’s parentage, and the clues left throughout the show pointing at it, is pretty much right on the money.  I think this will be revealed once and for all this next season, as I have seen scenes in the trailers that seem to indicate that there will be some sort of flashback to the Tower of Joy.

But then there’s his other Jon Snow theory that he talks about: the circumstances of Jon’s resurrection.  I think that he is overlooking many of the obvious clues in the TV show as to how this will happen, and how Jon Snow is revealed to actually have Targaryen blood.  He is correct in stating that Jon’s death will free him of his oath to the Night’s Watch.  He is also correct in talking about Melisandre being drawn to him and probably eventually realizing that he is Azor Ahai.  But the idea that Jon’s resurrection will just spontaneously take place once Jon is exposed to fire has no precedence in either the TV show or the books.  If Melisandre is not going to resurrect Jon, then why have all that back story of how Thoros of Myr was able to resurrect Lord Beric Dondarrion?  Why did the show bother to show Thoros of Myr discussing this with Melisandre at length, something that doesn’t take place in the books at all?  No, I believe that the prediction that Melisandre will resurrect Jon is the simplest and most logical choice for how it will happen.

But how will Jon be revealed to be a Targaryen?  And how will Melisandre come to see him as Azor Ahai?  THAT would seem to be the real mystery here.  In the books, Melisandre asks the Red God to show her Azor Ahai, but instead of showing her Stannis (what she expects) he shows her Jon Snow (that she doesn’t expect).  She just hasn’t put it together yet.

So how do we find out that Jon is a Targaryen?  I think we will find out when they put Jon on a funeral pyre.  In the final episode of Season One, it is revealed that Daenarys Targaryen was not burned in Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre.  She comes out unharmed, with three baby dragons.  I think something similar will happen with Jon Snow.  As with all the other dead of the Night’s Watch, the body of Jon Snow will be burned to prevent him from coming back as a wight.  But what happens if his body doesn’t burn?  And what if the fact that his body DID NOT burn is the sign that makes Melisandre finally put two and two together?  What if, having seen this sign, she then resurrects Jon Snow in the name of her god?  That seems much more likely to me than the idea that he will literally be reborn in the fire spontaneously.  I may still be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, we have seen in passing brief scenes in the Season Six trailers from what absolutely must be the fight at the Tower of Joy.  So someone is going to find out what happened there between Eddard Stark and his sister Lyanna, and the nature of the promise he made to her.  To do this, I am hoping they will introduce Howland Reed as a character on the show.  I am near 100% certain we will see him in Book Six.  But all of it may end up just being visions seen by Bran (again, streamlining the story may encourage them to do this).  And how Bran would then tell anyone else then becomes a problem.  But one way or another, maybe even more way than one, I believe the truth of Jon’s parentage is going to come out in Season Six.

So, that brings us to the second unidentified Targaryen.  Again, a video put together by The Sixth Sigma lays the case out pretty well.

So yes, there is evidence that Tyrion is not a Lannister after all, but a bastard of  the Mad King.  So like Jon Snow he is actually a Targaryen, or half  Targaryen, technically.  And it seems oddly appropriate that the two most famous bastard members of two of the most powerful houses in Westeros, House Stark and House Lannister, houses that have been fighting each other for pretty much the entire TV show and for much of the books as well, will be united in cause with the last full-blooded Targaryen.  And the two already know each other and get along quite well, which should make it that much easier.

Also, we learn in the books that Tyrion was obsessed with dragons as a child, and as a result he read everything he could about them.  And in the show, based on some hints in the Season Six trailers, I imagine that Tyrion is finally going to interact with dragons.

That brings us to the question that we asked earlier about Jon Snow.  How exactly do we find out that Tyrion has Targaryen blood?

Well, if we follow the path with Tyrion that we are expecting with Jon (and thus similar to what happened to Daenarys), we would expect Tyrion’s Targaryen heritage to be revealed when he comes through fire unscathed.  How would that happen, exactly?  In the books, I am really not sure, but in the TV show, or at least strongly implied in trailers for Season Six, it would seem that Tyrion may be doing what was done in the books by young Prince Quentyn Martell.  In Book Five, while trying to release the two imprisoned dragons, Quentyn Martell is badly burned and eventually succumbs to his injuries.  What if the TV show streamlines this story by having the dragons get released by Tyrion instead?  And what if Tyrion is himself exposed to dragon fire, but somehow isn’t harmed?

It all seems pretty logical, but at this point it is obviously just an educated guess.

Still, the premier of Season Six is only nine days away, so we don’t have too much longer to wait and see what happens.



One thought on “Some GoT/ASOIAF theories on the other Targaryens”

  1. Wow, great post! And I found those videos by 6th Sigma really interesting too; 1) I hadn’t considered Jon could be revived through fire, as Daenerys was reborn as the true queen, but that would definitely mark him as reborn as a Targaryen since he could get burned before (i.e. when he fights the wight at Castle Black). And I like the idea that Melisandre then regains her faith in herself because he can now fight at Winterfell as she foretold. Although the whole Stannis thing is still a mystery; how could she get it SO wrong? If the Lord of Light wanted her at Castle Black why not just give her those visions, not coming the long way round and blackening the heart of a ‘good, just’ man like Stannis in the process?
    2) Tyrion as a Targaryen is also intriguing. When the three headed dragon was first mentioned in the books I thought at first it was just metaphorical; Daenerys rules with Tyrion and Jon as advisors or something, but they carry out her orders. She’s open to democracy-style consultation at any rate,unlike her dad. But then when Jon was revealed as a warg I thought he’d ‘ride’ the dragon that way, and Dany could physically ride Drogon as she’s fireproof, but I didn’t know about Tyrion. If he does get reborn through the fire of dragons that would be SO. FRIGGIN. AWESOME.
    I am also dying to know where Arya comes into all of this! I just KNOW she has a major role to play.
    Bring on episode 2!

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