Happy Earth Day, Have Some Flowers

On Wednesday on my way home from work I missed my bus.  I didn’t actually see my bus so I can only assume that it was early as I was on time.  This meant that I took the other bus that drops me off about 5 or 6 blocks from home.  As it was a gorgeous day I had the opportunity to walk, pick up a (losing) lottery ticket, and take some photos of flowers along my way home.

While Spring always makes me a little sad, Spring flowers are my absolute favorite.  I think it has something to do with the fact that Spring flowers come in a riot of colors, but SO many of them are purple.  Purple is my favorite color, always has been.  So, enjoy some photos of the spring flowers that are still out.  It may have been in the upper 70’s yesterday and we may have had a wacky mild winter, but it’s Spring in New England.


The colorful ground cover is so nice.
Tulips!  They’re still out in April!
These had a serious fragrance.  If only we had smell-o-vision.
MOAR tulips!
I expected to see fairies.  I was disappointed.
These had just bloomed.  Spring in New England really is weird.
More pretty ground cover.  More purple.  Win/win.
A little too much sun in this one, but pretty white and purple flowers nonetheless.
A budding tree.  Right now the little purple blossoms on the ground are getting light.  Once the leaves on the tree open the ground will have more shade.
I don’t know what these little red buds are, but they’re a lovely color.
A blossoming shrubbery!
More purple.  These little six-petaled blossoms were everywhere.
Daffodils still in full bloom after Easter!  And they were so pale they were basically white.  Very cool.
I think this is my favorite photo just for the composition.

Happy Earth Day.  Be kind to your Mother.  We wouldn’t have these lovely flowers without her.


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