Trans Scripts – The A.R.T. Celebrates the Transgender Community

As we are about to watch these United States pass into the hands of a fascist demagogue who will likely attempt to roll back historic gains for minorities of every kind, let us take a moment and celebrate the, “… rich and diverse experiences within the transgender community.”

Starting tomorrow, the American Repertory Theater here in Cambridge, MA is producing Trans Scripts, Part 1: The Women.  This is the US premier of a show that won a Fringe First Award for new writing at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  And it even got the following praise from the Boston Herald:

“A set of deep-rooted stories full of warmth and vulnerability that speaks to anyone en route to discovering their own identity.”
The Herald

Here’s where you come in.  The presales for this show are not where they should be.  I know there’s a lot going on in the world right now.  I know there is a lot happening on Friday, but what the cast, crew, playwrights, and the A.R.T. have to say in this show is important, especially in light of what is happening on Friday.

So, if you are in the greater Boston area and are interested in a night of really good theatre, this is for you.  Also?  I have a discount code for you, because of course I do.  If you go to the website, linked above but also here, you can get $10 off the price of your ticket with the code SHARE10.  

Also, the I.D. Festival is running at OBERON at the same time.  And you can get a deal on tickets if you get one for each.  Want to see a full schedule of events?  I thought so, click here.

That’s it.  A great night out at the theatre, $10 off your ticket, and you can not only show support for the trans community, you can show the Oompah Loompah In Chief that even if he sits in the Oval Office that we won’t let him destroy the progress we’ve made and the support and love we have for our fellow humans.


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