Upcoming Summer Fun

There are some great summer activities coming up in and around Boston starting this weekend.  Take a look and see what’s coming, I have some fun things on the docket.

I’ll be at the Winthrop Farmers Market starting this weekend, through the summer, and into October.  Geoff and I are really looking forward to having a chance to do a local, regular show.

And coming up very soon I’ll be performing with the fabulous and eternally wonderful Tim Macri.

He who toots da flute, the incomparable Tim Macri.

We’ll be performing in the King’s Chapel Noon Hour Recital Series on July 11th at 12:15.  We’ll be performing the 10 Blake Songs by Vaughan Williams and Tim will perform two solo flute pieces.  Details on all of the July concerts are below.

My friend Josh Lawton is playing on July 18th.  He’s wonderful and I recommend seeing him as well if you can.

I hope to see you at the concert and the farmer’s market.  If you have any great events coming up please post them in the comments.


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