Two Northeasters in a row

I normally don’t mind a little snow, as it is New England and we expect to get some (mostly) between November and March.  But the two storms that we have had most recently have been a bit more problematic, mostly because of strong winds and heavy coastal flooding.

When I say “a little snow”, I mean enough that I have to shovel it.  Last night, for instance, we got a decent amount of heavy wet snow, which was enough to make things a bit scenic but not get too crazy, like I would have to get out our little snow blower.


Looks like we got five or six inches here in Winthrop.  But it’s pretty moist and heavy.  Still, I was able to get it shoveled without too many problems.


Looking up the street, it is actually quite beautiful.  That’s one nice thing about when the wind makes the wet snow stick to everything.  I try to be a silver-lining kind of optimist.  But believe me, it’s not all serene and scenic. Yesterday as the storm was developing I got some video footage of what was happening over on the coastal road out of town, heading towards Revere Beach. Notice that there is a lot of gravel and other debris in the road already.

I stopped briefly around high tide and got this brief video, before I got soaked and jumped back in the car.

These two storms have caused a lot of damage all across Massachusetts and New England.  Plenty of people have lost power, and a lot of people near the water have had serious damage to their homes.  The northern road into town was closed for the first storm, and if I am not mistaken that is the first time that has happened since we have moved to Winthrop.  Afterward we could see how bad it had been.  A lot of debris in the road, piles of debris to show just how far the water had advanced in places.

So we are fortunate that we are far enough from the ocean (and high enough in elevation) that we shouldn’t have to worry about storms too much.  But the wind did catch our front storm door and slam it into the front railing, bending the door a little bit.  I installed a hook and eye that we can use now to make sure the storm door will stay shut, or at least stay shut enough that it can’t get damaged any further.

Stay warm and dry, everyone.


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