Winter is coming, finally

I love New England.  One of the things I love most about it is that is has four distinct seasons (five, if you count Mud Season).  So when the winter weather here starts acting like the winter weather in the South, i.e. rainy and cool with no snow, it kind of annoys me a bit.  I expect to have snow.  And we have had no snow (or bitter cold) since November.  We had a wet fall, and that seems to have extended into winter.

Well, it now looks like we will get our first winter storm of the season, some six weeks into calendar winter.  And for some of New England, it looks like it may be a real doozy.

We are supposed to get a dusting of snow tomorrow morning, then a bit of a break before the real storm arrives Saturday and goes all night into Sunday.  So the winter storm watches are predicting at least 6 inches of snow, plus a thin (0.4 inches) layer of ice, with some other forecasts saying 8 to 12 inches of snow for our area, with much higher amounts for northern New England. Then the holiday Monday will be bitter cold, possibly not even reaching the teens for a high temperature.  But it’s not entirely clear yet where the lines between snow and freezing rain will be, so the amount of snow we get could be even higher.  It will be interesting to see how well the new car (we call her Maisie) does in the snow and sleet.

Regardless of how much we end up getting, I will need to get out the snow shovel, the snowblower, the melter, the ice chipper, and the extendable window scraper/brush before everything arrives.  It’s all tucked away in the shed at the moment.

It will be a good weekend to stay inside.  Maybe I will have time to write some more blog posts, too.  I want to do another history post, and maybe a Game of Thrones one too.  And I will probably put up some pictures or even video of the storm, if it turns out to be interesting.


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