Geoff Graduates

Some of you may have heard that Geoff graduated yesterday.  He finished school back in December, but like a lot of his classmates, he finished his internship a day or two too late to walk in December.  So he and a bunch of his compatriots from his NCIS class at Lincoln Tech in Somerville got their Diplomas last night.

I shot video from our seats which were back halfway in the auditorium just past the middle.  Before you scroll down and click, there are some things you should know.  There were a LOT of people there with no concept of how to behave in public.  Many of them talked through the whole thing until it was time to award diplomas.  There were probably hundreds of infants and children, many of whom cried, fussed, or otherwise made noise.  There were friends and family of the graduates as well as the graduates themselves who were arriving late to the ceremony right up to and through the awarding of the diplomas, so there were people wandering into my shot, completely oblivious of what I was doing.

The most important part of the ceremony was that Geoff was selected as the student speaker.  Out of all of the graduates, he was the only one who was selected to give a speech and it was the only speech that actually got the attention of the audience enough that they quieted down and more or less stopped talking.

I’ve embedded the videos below.  His speech is there in its entirety along with the various processional, recessional, line up, and diploma stuff.  He’s going to blog the whole text of the speech and write about his own experiences at a later date.

And here are the photos of Geoff in his regalia at the podium and with the head of his program and favorite teacher, Jay.

Geoff & Jay at Graduation
Geoff graduates, again!
Geoff behind the podium
Geoff "speechifying."