False alarm in Hawaii

I was just talking about how Hawaii has been more worried about an attack from North Korea, and so it has been testing its civil defense sirens.  Then this past weekend this alert went out in Hawaii early Saturday morning:

hawaii missle alert false alarm

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So, my laptop blew up

It’s been a month since either of us has posted here.  This has largely been due to the fact that 1) my laptop caught fire, 2) Geoff has been ridiculously busy at his internship, and 3) I’ve been applying to jobs like a crazy person.

Regarding the laptop, Geoff has taken it to his internship and his coworkers, who have all the fun tools, have managed to take it apart and, upon discovering SCORCH MARKS, figured out which piece went to the big computer dump in the sky and are going to fix it once the new piece arrives in the mail.

I have been having interviews fairly regularly.  This is good.  The problem is that 1) I’m always the other guy, the one they don’t hire, or 2) I get there and have a great interview and then find out that they’re paying peanuts with a side of pistachios.

Geoff has an interview tomorrow at a big local university.  I had an interview at the same university last week.  We’re both applying for more jobs than we can keep track of hoping that something good will take.  If you know of someone who’s hiring and who might want one of our charming selves on staff, send it our way.

Finally, my brother sent me this today.  He’s awesome.  http://obereed.net/hh/correlation.html