Smoky is doing well, an update

Smoky came home from the hospital on Monday.  He was SO ready to come home.  He was pressing his nose up against the bars on the carrier and purring and making it *very* clear that he was done at the hospital.  Surprisingly, he was a very good patient.  He’s a nice cat but he can be pretty high strung and he doesn’t handle change well so I wasn’t sure how he’d handle being there.  But, he was good.  Everyone was sad to see him go as he was, apparently, very affectionate.

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Radioactive Cat gets to come home today!

I just got a call from Angell.  Smoky has fallen below the Federally mandated levels of radiation allowable after his I-131 treatment so we can go and get him.  Yay!  We have some errands to run and then we’re going to go and pick him up and bring him home.  He’s going to live in the guest room for the next 2 weeks.  That will drive the other animals BONKERS.  But that’s how it’s got to be.

I am so excited to have him back.  He should be a happier, healthier kitty.  Yay!


Smoky is officially radioactive

The Doctor called around 5:30 this evening and Smoky is officially irradiated.  We talked about it in advance, but he ended up getting a very high dose.  Usually the highest does for non-cancerous cats is 7 millicuries.  Smoky got exactly that.  That does is two and a half times the usual does for a hyperthyroid cat.  Partly this is because we’re trying to zap his entire thyroid and the cystic goiter that’s growing on it and partly this is because this procedure is happening while he’s still on his methimazole.

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Smoky goes to get nuked, take two

Our little buddy Smoky seems to have gotten well enough that we can now bring him back for the treatment he was supposed to have gotten two weeks ago.   We were quite glad to see him back to his old self – especially asking for attention, pestering us for food, and occasionally giving Rerun a bap or two on the nose.  We brought him back to Angell yesterday morning so he could get his follow up check after all of his issues from last time, and the doctor has given him the green light for his treatment.  So tomorrow we will bring him back once more so he can finally get the thyroid treatment he needs.  We really hope that this will make his life easier and make him more comfortable.  We will update tomorrow after we have dropped him off.