Forwards from our parents

Geoff and I both have Parents With Email.  This is often a good thing as it is easy to get in touch with one another.  We can email family photos and wedding related things back and forth.  Things that 10 years ago would have required a carefully timed phone call can now be handled over the internet.

Except for the forwards.  You know, those forwarded emails that you sometimes get?  Our anecdotal research suggests that you are 1000.00% more likely to receive them from your parents than from anyone else you know.  Or have ever met.  Or will ever meet.

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Female beauty “defined”

I found out today that this image has been circulating on Facebook.  Not having a Facebook account (that’s intentional), I would be one of the last people to know.  In this case, that’s a good thing.

sexist comparison of women
When was the last time you saw photos of men like this?

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What a day.

Well, it finally happened.  I’ve been put on layoff notice.

Last night I was finally able to get in touch with my boss.  He works in another time zone so it is sometimes hard to get in touch with him on the phone if we need to go over something.  I left him a voicemail and he got back to me last night.  We went over some outstanding issues that needed his attention and then I asked him about getting some extended time to work from home due to issues with my knee.

Silly me.

He said that if I had a note from my Dr.’s office that I could work from home and avoid commuting with a leg in a full length brace.  That made me very happy.  So I got up this morning at 8:00am and called the office when they opened and left a message asking the staff nurse to call me back.  This woman?  Is fantastic. She can move administrative mountains and I have absolute faith in her.  After a bit of phone tag we had a conversation and she said she’d fax me the appropriate paperwork.  She did, I scanned it in and emailed it to my boss.  Interesting, I have not, as of yet, heard anything about it.

Then, the phone rang with my office number. Turns out, it was the Executive Director calling to tell me that I was being laid off.  The most interesting part?  Turns out that 4 positions are being eliminated, all of them currently occupied by women.  The only women in the entire company.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions, but that rather stands out to me.

So, if you’re looking for someone like me, you know where to find me.  Have friends who are hiring for something interesting?  Send them my way, I’m interviewing.