Brain Scans: Day 3

Well, apparently my brain is not performing as desired. (This is news?) I keep setting off alarms while awake and feeling more or less fine, but have only set off one alarm, that I remember, while asleep. I slept fitfully last night, though I did manage to make it to REM sleep. I had a dream in which the founder of the company that laid me off showed up. I have no earthly idea why, but he was there.
I slept a good portion of the day today. For some reason I was really tired. I know it’s noisy here and that I can’t sleep more than 4 hours at a shot, but I was just really groggy all this morning. One of the residents came in to see me and I know I talked to him but I don’t remember what I said. I think he’s coming back later, so I should find out.

Since you all have been so fantastic about sending me stuff, I thought I’d post it here. A photo of my helmet.

I took this:

The safety helmet of DOOM.
The safety helmet of DOOM.

last night when my new night nurse came on duty. She was highly amused by the fact that I took a photo of it and actually seemed to warm to me quite a bit. I was listening to MP4s sent to me by a friend from choir when she came in and when she found out I was singing in them she was very impressed and asked me all about them. I like her, I hope she comes back tonight.

Yesterday’s promised passel of med students never appeared, unless they snuck in while I was napping.  I managed to get through the day yesterday without 1 full neuro exam, which is both frightening and amazing.  I haven’t had one yet today either.

If you have a moment, send Geoff an email.  He’s home with a vicious head cold and he’s losing his voice.  He can’t come visit me till his fever goes down and he can’t really communicate via phone, so we’re texting and emailing.

I think that’s it for now.  If something interesting happens, other than the constant beeping and groaning of machines, I’ll post it here.