Day trips are good

Yesterday Kelly and I went tax-free shopping in New Hampshire.  We wanted to look around for a few things that we need or will eventually need (such as wedding stuff) but in the meantime we had a good time browsing various places in the Portsmouth area.   I was surprised to find some cool little shops and such.  We found this one little eclectic gift shop that had all sorts of funny and interesting stuff, and the whole downstairs was dedicated to pets.

(Note from Kelly, I had been looking for this sign for a LONG time and was thrilled to find it for only $5.)

Pets welcome, children must be on a leash.
Pets welcome, children must be on a leash.

We also crossed the border for a short trip into Maine.   Surprisingly, this was my first trip to Maine.  I think it is the only state on the East Coast, and possibly the only one east of the Mississippi River that I had never visited.

(Naturally, this meant that we had to take a picture.  Paul Gross arms, ftw. ~Kelly)

In Maine, not getting eaten by monsters!
In Maine, not getting eaten by monsters!

So we took a quick trip into the area of Kittery to do some outlet shopping.  I managed to find a good pair of shoes to wear with my tuxedo.  So I am all set now as far as having everything I will wear at the wedding.  I am assuming that since we were only in the state for a few hours, all of the monsters that Stephen King writes about as being in Maine did not have time to find us.  Thank goodness.


2 thoughts on “Day trips are good”

  1. Maine is awesome. Did I tell you guys about the very nice antique mart I went to earlier this year in Brunswick?

    Glad you survived the bridge between Portsmouth and Kittery!

    1. I think you told me (Kelly) about it. Geoff really liked Maine so we’re definitely going to be heading back up there. We’re also going to be antiquing in NH a bit. If you want to come along just let us know. We’re not sure, yet, when we’ll be going but we’ll figure it out.

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