Laughing so hard I’m crying…

I was poking around on the web during my lunch break and I came upon this quote, “A good starting point when discussing bad wine is White Zinfandel, or as it is known in certain circles of connoisseurs, ‘the Pink Scourge’.” -John Weidman.

I’m still laughing.  I looked around to see where the quote came from and I came up with this website. Enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Laughing so hard I’m crying…”

  1. Bless white Zin’s little blushy heart, it does try hard – but it’s not good wine, and by that I mean both that it’s generally not high-quality and that it’s even more generally just not an enjoyable substance to drink for most people. There are plenty of good reds and whites out there that can be had in reasonable quantities for reasonable amounts of money. A celebration of the magnitude of y’all’s wedding deserves quality food AND drink – neither of which has to cost an arm and a leg to be worthy of you and your families and guests. In my opinionated opinion, Zin doesn’t qualify.

    1. Pardon moi, merci beaucoups!

      Unfortunately, I must confess to having a white trash palate. I mean, white zin is right up there with my other favorites such as Vienna sausages, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Hostess Ding Dongs, Cheese Whiz, jello molds, Cool Whip, and slices of Wonder Bread stacked on a pseduo-Fiesta bread and butter plate at the dinner table, all consumed prior to departing for the local bowling alley for some Friday night entertainment.

      I mean, what’s wrong with that?

  2. Two words: Sauvignon blanc

    Okay three more: from New Zealand

    That is all 😉

    Okay not really….

    I can offer recs if you’d like…I’ve also had some kick butt whites from Sicily recently — Insolia is the variety, it’s not as summery as sauv blanc so might be more appropriate for the time of year and what you’re serving. Also not terribly pricey.

  3. One final thought — the only pink wine that should *ever* be consumed is dry rose from southern france, and only in summer.

    Okay signing off now 😉

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