What we’re reading now – Nerd Edition

This is probably more like what I’m reading now as these are all my geeky contributions.  Either way, this post was inspired by this first link.  Enjoy.

I’m as interested in design and the engineering behind things as the next person.  I’m also interested in Star Trek and I think Wil Wheaton is a great writer.  That being said, I grew up watching Star Trek TNG and I’ve heard all sorts of stories about it over the years.  Somewhere I heard a story about how the uniforms on TNG required special Star Trek issued underpants.  I can’t find it ANYWHERE on the internets, but I remember reading it somewhere.  That’s why I found this article so interesting.

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More adventures in plumbing… wheeeee…

All of the heavy rain we have experienced in the Greater Boston area recently seems to have reproduced the problem that Kelly and I had last October.

Yeah, that problem.

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I’m not sure there’s much to say about this one

I usually expect stuff of this caliber to come from Etsy.  This time, it’s Fab.com and their weekly Foodie email that brings the goods.  There’s really nothing to add, this one stands on its own.

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Adventures in Plumbing, or Raw Sewage is NOT Your Friend

Now that the nightmare is over, I can tell you about our escapades of the past week.  It all began with Kelly noticing that the toilet was taking too long to flush last Wednesday while I was at work.   Then suddenly the tub was taking longer to drain too, with the tub actually starting to fill during a shower.  So obviously something was wrong.  We just didn’t know right away how wrong.  So don’t read this if you are a little squeamish, although I will try to not get too graphic.

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As it happens with these things, Geoff and I were approved for Commonwealth Care.  We picked Neighborhood Health Plan, paid our premiums, and promptly got screwed over in every way imaginable.  Before you click through to read the rest, know this.  This isn’t a screed against Obamacare or Socialized Medicine, I am a fan of those things.  This is a screed against incompetent people, those who don’t want to do their jobs, and corporations that put their bottom line over the health of individuals and, in this case, possibly thousands of people.

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New Hampshire Gift Shops and Other Scary Things

As you may have seen from Geoff’s post from the other day about Inappropriate Napping, we spent Thursday in New Hampshire with Geoff’s parents, sister, brother in law, and the kids.  Before going out to dinner we went to a local gift shop aimed at the camping and antiquing tourists that come through the area.  It was… an experience.

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I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday

I get cranky when Father’s Day tramples my birthday.  This seems like a completely apropos way to announce that my birthday is, once again, being annihilated.  From Boston.com

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The Eatin’ of the Green

Today is St. Patrick’s Day.  As I write this thousands of Bostonians are going out to traditional Irish-like watering holes to drink themselves into oblivion on green beer and bad bar food.  Geoff and I didn’t have much to do today other than a doggie play date this morning and a few errands.  On his way home from running errands, Geoff stopped at the nearest Burger King and got us each a meal.

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