Brimfield 2014 – The Loot – Part 2

We’ve showed you the books, the jewelry, and the metal-ware.  Now it’s time for everything else.  It’s amazing how much great stuff we got that was SO inexpensive.  It’s also amazing that we’re going to be able to fit it all in 3 posts.

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Adventures in Plumbing, or Raw Sewage is NOT Your Friend

Now that the nightmare is over, I can tell you about our escapades of the past week.  It all began with Kelly noticing that the toilet was taking too long to flush last Wednesday while I was at work.   Then suddenly the tub was taking longer to drain too, with the tub actually starting to fill during a shower.  So obviously something was wrong.  We just didn’t know right away how wrong.  So don’t read this if you are a little squeamish, although I will try to not get too graphic.

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