Calling all Boston area Rock and Mineral geeks!

The Boston Mineral Club is having our annual Auction on January 10th.  (That’s this Saturday for those of you following along at home.)  Geoff and I are rock nerds.  I’ve been a huge rock nerd since I was a kid and I’m THRILLED that I’m finally going to have a chance to go to a live gem and mineral auction in person.

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Brimfield 2014 – The Loot – Part 2

We’ve showed you the books, the jewelry, and the metal-ware.  Now it’s time for everything else.  It’s amazing how much great stuff we got that was SO inexpensive.  It’s also amazing that we’re going to be able to fit it all in 3 posts.

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Science is awesome!

I read a story on Salon recently about a new mineral that was discovered in Western Australia: putnisite.  Although it will never be a gemstone that Kelly can make into jewelry (it’s beautiful – purple with a pink streak – but its Mohs hardness is only 1.5-2), putnisite is amazing because while most minerals fall into a “family” of common minerals, this is one is truly unique.  In addition to calcium, sulphur, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon, it also contains both strontium and chromium, and the chemical combination of all these in putnisite make it unlike any of the other 4,000 or so known minerals in the world.  It is “completely unique and unrelated to anything.”

How cool is that?