What we’re reading now – Nerd Edition

This is probably more like what I’m reading now as these are all my geeky contributions.  Either way, this post was inspired by this first link.  Enjoy.

I’m as interested in design and the engineering behind things as the next person.  I’m also interested in Star Trek and I think Wil Wheaton is a great writer.  That being said, I grew up watching Star Trek TNG and I’ve heard all sorts of stories about it over the years.  Somewhere I heard a story about how the uniforms on TNG required special Star Trek issued underpants.  I can’t find it ANYWHERE on the internets, but I remember reading it somewhere.  That’s why I found this article so interesting.

More nerdy stuff follows with new Game of Thrones stuff.  There are Vine videos of the trailer for the new season.  The TRAILER premiers tonight on HBO.  I’m not quite sure what kind of world we live in when there’s a countdown online to the premiere of the trailer, but whatever.  i09 has an article here complete with links to the Vine videos and a YouTube video is below.  (Per usual with i09, Mom, don’t read the comments.  Please.)

Weird Science

Yesterday afternoon for the first time in a long time I had a Saturday off.  I had a chance for a nap in the afternoon and I took in.  I recall the sound of THUNDER while napping.  THUNDER in JANUARY.  This is wrong, people.  Even though the #polarvortex is over and we’re having weirdly warm temperatures for January yesterday and today, we should not be having thunderstorms in January.  Ever.

That wasn’t all we had yesterday.  We had two lightning strikes in greater Boston.  They both hit houses and blew up chimneys.  Really.  IN JANUARY.  This is wrong.  Go home, global warming, you’re drunk.

In the, it’s January and people are making resolutions they won’t keep corner of the internet, I found this.  It’s actually quite cool.  The part about flossing one tooth is a little spooky.  I’m trying to figure out how to apply this to other people…  This may allow me to take over the world.

And then there’s this.  I’ve heard of the Australian spider capable of killing small birds.  I’ve heard of the angler fish and even seen photos of them (they’re cool and cute.)  Then there’s the Goliath Tiger Fish.

This guy.

These fish hunt birds.  As in, birds that are flying in the air, birds.  These fish eat birds in flight.  You can see video and a gif of a fish strike right here on i09.  It’s awesome and terrifying and… I will never, ever swim in a lake in Africa if I ever go there.  Also, I’d have bet good money that this was an Australian creature if I didn’t know it was from Africa.  After all, everything in Australia is trying to kill us, right?


And last but not least, I bring you Downton Arby’s.  Enjoy.


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