What we’re reading now – Nerd Edition

This is probably more like what I’m reading now as these are all my geeky contributions.  Either way, this post was inspired by this first link.  Enjoy.

I’m as interested in design and the engineering behind things as the next person.  I’m also interested in Star Trek and I think Wil Wheaton is a great writer.  That being said, I grew up watching Star Trek TNG and I’ve heard all sorts of stories about it over the years.  Somewhere I heard a story about how the uniforms on TNG required special Star Trek issued underpants.  I can’t find it ANYWHERE on the internets, but I remember reading it somewhere.  That’s why I found this article so interesting.

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Back to your regularly scheduled postings of weird stuff

And leave it to Fab.com to bring the, here’s that word again, disturbing stuff.

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spam, spam, spam…

There are times when spam amuses me.  The usual, “Hott!!! girl wants to hook up with YOU!” stuff gets deleted immediately along with anything that refers to penis enlargements, FREE prescriptions, various male enhancements, etc, etc.  That’s the usual stuff we get via email at our various accounts.

Spam here at the blog, however, is a bit of a different beast.

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This week, in the randomness that is the internet

Every so often I come across a random photo or drawing on the internet that amuses or horrifies me.  Or if I’m lucky it makes me wonder what on earth is going on.  This is a round up of three that I’ve come across this week.  Enjoy?

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Creepy item of the day

I’m a big fan of putting up weird, creepy, poorly thought out, and generally strange stuff here that I find in various parts of the internet.  Some times they’re emailed to me and other times I just happen across them.  Today, this landed in my inbox.

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Free to a good home

Every so often as I’m browsing the job postings on Craig’s List I’ll pop over to the Free section and see just what little gems people are giving away.  Sometimes people actually give away really good stuff.  We got our wheelchair that way when Geoff was hurt and needed one.

Most of the time people post “Free Fill” or “Free Couch!!!!”  Then there are posts like these.  These are the interesting ones.

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News of the undead

No, this isn’t Geoff posting.

To continue on our slightly macabre thread from yesterday, I’m following up with this story that popped up on Boston.com the other day.  I am hoping that this one won’t generate the Google hits that yesterday’s post did.  Traffic we like, really disturbing search terms bringing people here, not so much.

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The Eatin’ of the Green

Today is St. Patrick’s Day.  As I write this thousands of Bostonians are going out to traditional Irish-like watering holes to drink themselves into oblivion on green beer and bad bar food.  Geoff and I didn’t have much to do today other than a doggie play date this morning and a few errands.  On his way home from running errands, Geoff stopped at the nearest Burger King and got us each a meal.

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