Creepy item of the day

I’m a big fan of putting up weird, creepy, poorly thought out, and generally strange stuff here that I find in various parts of the internet.  Some times they’re emailed to me and other times I just happen across them.  Today, this landed in my inbox.

give me a hand
I sort of imagine these in the powder room of your average suburban serial killer.

Naturally, these make me want to run out and get similar ones and put them in my powder room.  When I have a powder room someday.  This came in my daily email from which has provided me with all sorts of atrocities in the past.

Of course, there is practically a cottage industry on Etsy in baby body parts, all toys or handmade stuff of course.  It begins to make Dexter look really normal when you think about it.  I mean, really.

Happy shopping?


5 thoughts on “Creepy item of the day”

  1. hmmmmm. The doll feet soap would work I guess but they have bit too much leg for my preference. Was hoping for a set like the 8 hands on the left in your post…but with feet and just a portion of the ankle. oh well….

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