Turns out that I am half Cylon

Yeah, I know what you are thinking.  “Um, Geoff, what are you talking about?”

Well, I have definitive proof that the Cylons, at least the ones from Earth, were Portuguese.  No wonder we were such great explorers for so long.

Recently Kelly and I have been on this big Battlestar Galactica kick and so we have been slowly re-watching the entire series.  Well, in season 4.5 there is the episode called “Sometimes a Great Notion.”  In it, they explore the planet they believe is the home of the thirteenth colony, aka Earth.  They discover that the inhabitants were not human, but Cylon.  And then the members of the Final Five realize that they used to live on that world, and Galen Tyrol has a sort of flashback, where you see him walking through a market.  Well, as the scene rolled by, something caught my eye, something very familiar.  So I grabbed the remote and went back, and there it was, blurry but familiar.  Tyrol was walking past a stack of olive oil cans.    Portuguese olive oil cans.  I recognized it because back when I lived in Alabama, I used to order that brand through the mail because it came in cans, rather than glass bottles.  This is the brand.

I will try to grab a screenshot from the episode, but this is the can and the brand.

It actually makes sense.  Portugal is the oldest country in Europe, and they have a thing for ships and voyages, and they have been known to establish colonies even.  So yes, the Cylons were Portuguese, and clearly they knew a thing or two about cooking.

And it took thousands of years and many light years of travel for the universe to see food that good again.

Just saying.


Edit from Kelly-

This is the screen grab he’s talking about.  I had to find the right combination of software and computer in this house to do it, but I got it.  After a little tweaking in photoshop, here you go.  Proof that the original Cylons were actually Portuguese.  Enjoy.

Tyrol in the market
I always knew that Celtic first name, Galen, was a ruse.

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