There, fixed that for you

Dogs and politics always make strange interesting bedfellows.  One has only to check out Dogs Against Romney and read about the Seamus saga to know that, or to witness the swift death of Michael Vick’s career to know that being cruel to a dog is  a great way to kill your public persona in the minds of the American public.

My father in law, Paul, a regular reader of this blog, lives in the reddest of the red states, Alabama, where Geoff was raised.  Paul and my mother in law, Claudette, are still blue blooded Democrats, but they get a lot of pro-Republican stuff thrown their way.  Only stuff that is actually funny gets passed on to the kids and the kids in law like me.  Today someone sent Paul an email with the following picture in it.

Republican dog joke
The original caption was, “The look you’ll get from your friends when you tell them you’re voting for Obama.”

The thing is, I didn’t remove the caption, it wasn’t a part of the original PNG, so when I downloaded it I only got the shocked looking dogs.

Naturally, this meant that it was less work for me to do the following.  After all, this should really shock those dogs.  Especially if they’re Massachusetts dogs like ours are.

Democratic dog joke Romney
Now I understand why those dogs look the way they do.

And we can’t leave Mr. Truth himself, Paul Ryan, out of the fun.

Democratic dog joke Ryan
The caption could have also been, “The look your friends will give you when you tell them you believe ‘what Ryan says/the time he reported for his marathon finish/anything that comes out of his mouth’.”



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