Free to a good home

Every so often as I’m browsing the job postings on Craig’s List I’ll pop over to the Free section and see just what little gems people are giving away.  Sometimes people actually give away really good stuff.  We got our wheelchair that way when Geoff was hurt and needed one.

Most of the time people post “Free Fill” or “Free Couch!!!!”  Then there are posts like these.  These are the interesting ones.


Ok, Science Fair I get, but 3 feet square?  That seems like a lot of lumber.  Then again, I am related to the man who built a potato cannon about that size and used it to destroy fun things like chipped and broken dishes.  I may have been responsible for giving him the book with the plans that he used to build it.  Who am I to judge?  Also, either of these could come in handy in the case of Geoff’s favorite end of world scenario, a Zombie Apocalypse.

I guess you really can find anything on the intertubes.


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