Just don’t look like a seal, buddy

Every summer one of the rituals we go through here in the Greater Boston area is the appearance of everyone’s favorite apex predator, carcharadon carcharius,  or the Great White shark, off Cape Cod.  I was just a kid when they filmed Jaws on Martha’s Vineyard but I do remember seeing all the references to the movie the next time my family went to the island.  And apparently there are a lot of people (besides me) who still think about the movie and its relationship to the island, including the author of this new book that I very much would like to acquire.

Anyway, one guy who apparently did not spend enough time watching the movie was this guy, who is now pretty famous around here for the now iconic photo that literally looks like a still from one of the movies.

I don’t remember this scene. Was it in Jaws II or Jaws III?

Yeah, I love fishing and all, but seriously, one of the last places you will ever find me is on the water, doing anything that could vaguely be construed as seal-like behavior.  Sure, it’s been a long, long time since anyone in New England has been killed by a shark, but I am a firm believer in Mr. Murphy and his law and I for one do not believe in tempting fate.

– Geoff

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