History in the making, but not in a good way

There has not been a shark attack on a human being in Massachusetts since 1936.  So naturally someone just had to go and ruin that long unspoiled record.

They are guessing it was a great white, which would be my guess also, considering what I know about the circumstances.  Considering he still has both feet, I am guessing it was a smaller great white, like a juvenile, probably under 10 feet.  Like I had talked about in an earlier post, I love the water, but be smart, people.  I don’t know whether or not this swimmer did anything in particular that marked him for a target, but the article does say he was far out in the water, so I am guessing he was doing some sort of swimming stroke that made him look like a seal.  It’s probably a safe bet.  We’ll see what happened when all the facts come out.


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