Winter’s last hurrah

We got a slight covering of snow today, maybe an inch or a little more.  And the temperatures plummeted a good bit from the mid-50s we had the other day.  Right now it is about 18 degrees Fahrenheit, and the temperature tonight will probably drop down to around 9 or 10 degrees.

So while I was doing laundry and crafting cover letters, I popped in a movie that is just about as far away from winter, cold, and reality* as I could get…


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I love the ocean, but this is why I don’t swim in it much

Don’t get me wrong, I can swim and I like swimming, but I don’t like taking my chances with those bitey fishies, and statistics be damned.  I am sure that most people who get attacked probably think “it will never happen to me” but I don’t want to come out of the water looking like this seal.

When I was a kid, I used to spend more time out on the Cape, usually in the Eastham/Wellfleet area since my aunt and uncle had a place there.  And Marconi Beach is a great beach, if you have never seen it.  The sand is very fine and very firm and the surf is good, sometimes quite impressive.

So having spent a lot of time out there, I was a bit surprised to see that Marconi Beach was closed today after a shark was sighted a mere 30 yards from shore.  The shark was spotted by an NPS lifeguard and confirmed by a park ranger.  Since seals are sometimes seen around there, I am guessing it was probably a great white but they were unable to confirm the type.


Just don’t look like a seal, buddy

Every summer one of the rituals we go through here in the Greater Boston area is the appearance of everyone’s favorite apex predator, carcharadon carcharius,  or the Great White shark, off Cape Cod.  I was just a kid when they filmed Jaws on Martha’s Vineyard but I do remember seeing all the references to the movie the next time my family went to the island.  And apparently there are a lot of people (besides me) who still think about the movie and its relationship to the island, including the author of this new book that I very much would like to acquire.

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