Two awesome videos

These are two videos that have come across my media feeds lately.  They’re very different from one another, but they’re both absolutely worth watching.  And, now that the Game of Thrones season premier is over, you can do just that.

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Winter’s last hurrah

We got a slight covering of snow today, maybe an inch or a little more.  And the temperatures plummeted a good bit from the mid-50s we had the other day.  Right now it is about 18 degrees Fahrenheit, and the temperature tonight will probably drop down to around 9 or 10 degrees.

So while I was doing laundry and crafting cover letters, I popped in a movie that is just about as far away from winter, cold, and reality* as I could get…


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A few more stores decide to keep Thanksgiving

Both Apple and Radio Shack have decided to not open on Thanksgiving.  Good for them.

Like Kelly had mentioned earlier, too many stores are trying to maximize their profits by extending hours as much as possible on Thanksgiving weekend.  And they are doing it at the expense of their lowest-paid employees.  It’s not like the CEOs are going to pull a late shift themselves that day.  But the CEO class really can’t relate to their employees most of the time anyway.

And the supreme irony of this is that being open longer this Thanksgiving weekend is not likely to make the weekend more profitable.  Things sold on Thanksgiving are generally done at the expense of Black Friday sales, rather than generating new sales.  It’s not like people who avoid shopping that weekend or on Black Friday will suddenly decide to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day itself.

Of course, I don’t see a lot of people asking the question “what would happen if ordinary people had more money to spend?” either.  In fact, there’s no shortage of people who complain about the lack of consumer spending without asking “how are regular people supposed to increase their spending when they are broke?” These same people trash talk the idea of raising the minimum wage while talking about how tough a time the very wealthy have with their taxes.  Actually, not so much – especially when you look at the historical patterns.

As one of the broke people, I can definitely say that yeah, if I had a better paying job (or jobs), I would be able to spend more.  And we’re trying to get that better job or jobs.



More things you should be reading right now

Geoff and I have been dealing with a pile of bureaucratic red tape so high that 1) we’re tired and 2) I know now how to spell bureaucratic without looking it up or using spell check.  So, in lieu of real content I present you with More things you should be reading right now.  All links are, as always, SFW.

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Dragon skull washes up on beach in UK

Wow - how much Dragon Kibble & Bits did this thing eat when it was alive?
Wow – how much Dragon Kibble & Bits did this thing eat when it was alive?

So dragons ARE real….

Well, ok, not really, but it is a pretty cool promotion/publicity stunt for Game of Thrones.  I wish one of these would “wash up” on Plum Island or something.  I would drive up there just to get my picture with it.


P.S. Yes, this story is a couple of weeks old, but I didn’t get a chance to post anything about it until now.  So nyah.

***42 emails and counting***‏

That was the title of the email I sent to yesterday morning at 7:45am when I realized that my inbox was inundated and it wasn’t showing signs of stopping.

Before I go on I should probably warn you, this is not one of my rants.  This is a story about customer service.  Good customer service.

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Following up on and North Carolina Hate

Back at the end of May I wrote about how had the guts to fight against the Constitutional Amendment that was enshrining Hate into their state laws in North Carolina.  I encouraged readers to contact them and show their support.  I emailed them to tell them how much I appreciated what they were doing.  As further proof of the kind of shop they run down there, they wrote back.

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How cool is this?

JCPenney has issued a new Father’s Day ad campaign that really makes me smile.  It features a family with two dads.  And it turns out this is an actual family, not just actors portraying a gay couple with children.

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North Carolina, Hate, and how you can help

For those of you who missed the North Carolina vote on Marriage Equality and all of the hate and vitriol that it splashed across the internet and airwaves, there is some unfortunate blow back happening now that you can do something about.

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