More things you should be reading right now

Geoff and I have been dealing with a pile of bureaucratic red tape so high that 1) we’re tired and 2) I know now how to spell bureaucratic without looking it up or using spell check.  So, in lieu of real content I present you with More things you should be reading right now.  All links are, as always, SFW.

These first two came in from Shakay.  The first is hilarious, the second is awe inspiring.

When your cat has thumbs and gets a smart phone, this happens.

This professor of dance and amazing innovator saw a need and is working to fill it.  This is pretty amazing.


If you are a consumer of commercially made pasta, don’t buy Barilla, even if it’s on sale.  Buy Buitoni instead.  Here’s why.

The Breaking Bad finale, what will those MIT Hackers come up with next?

Cooking.  Mmmm, food.

Geoff has been doing a lot of Medieval cooking lately.  Whether it comes from the GoT associated book or blog or elsewhere, he’s been having great fun with it.  This Medieval cooking blog was sent to us by Teri, enjoy!

In more food news, this guy is my new hero.  He’s an Iranian immigrant who made it.  Take THAT you anti immigrant bigots.

A GoT reference, sort of.

This is from io9 and it reminded me of the Eyrie in A Song of Ice and Fire.  Also, Geoff is Not Good With Heights and I like high places, so I take any opportunity to remind him of that.  Still the pictures in the article are amazing and some of the comments are hilarious.  If I was younger and had better balance I’d love to climb some of these.



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