Fall is here… so long, summer…

And don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Seriously, I have been wanting summer to go away for some time now, and not just because fall is my favorite season.  Largely because I am tired of being hot all the time.  Sure, we have some window AC units at home, but it is still not as cool in the house as I would like.  And my major place of employment is an 18th century building with no AC.

But I always try to find silver linings.

And fall is such a fantastic time in New England.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are quintessential New England holidays (duh) and there just isn’t anywhere else you want to celebrate these two things.  Fall is also the time for baseball playoffs, and at least in years that the Red Sox are doing well, it is a time for a lot of excitement here in New England as well as the Hopkins-Michael household.  And this year the Sox are doing awesome.  How often does a team go from last to first in a single year?  And in a related story, we will finally be able to watch our beloved team (or in Kelly’s case, teams, since she also loves the Pats) on TV again.

You see, we recently noticed that our phone company’s price for a simple land line kept going up for no apparent reason other than the fact that they can do it and no one will stop them.

  The fact that prices for landlines remained relatively stable under regulation reflects the fact that in officials’ eyes, the companies were making a fair profit. They certainly weren’t losing any money offering these services.

Now that their regulatory leashes have been removed, all that extra revenue is just gravy.

So unfortunately, when it comes to cable and internet, our options are limited.  But we did discover that for less money than we are currently paying TWO companies separately for a landline and internet service, we can pay ONE company for phone, internet AND digital cable.  And it’s not the one that constantly advertises its fibre-optic service to our city of Cambridge (we get the mailers in the mail constantly that then go right into the recycling bin), even though it refuses to actually provide that service.*  So it was sort of a no-brainer once we figured that out.  Now we can watch the Sox finish out their awesome season in HD.  At least, after Saturday when the guy comes over to hook it all up.

At least we have that to look forward to now.  Not to mention our new favorite show, Game of Thrones, since our promo package includes HBO too.


*Yeah.  You have to wonder about the telecommunications company that apparently can’t communicate enough within its own ranks to get that mess sorted out.  Not sure the rationale for advertising Fios to an area that will almost certainly never get the service, but doesn’t seem like money well spent to me.

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